Brenda - 12 Sept

Brenda The Otter
  • Worst Habit: Messing Steve around
  • Favourite Food: Sushi
  • Favourite Song: Dubstep
  • Greatest Achievement: Brenda is very good at Candy Crush Saga

Steve - Aug 12

  • Worst Habit: Being Steve
  • Favourite Food: Ikea Meatballs
  • Favourite Song: Fan of Nickleback unfortunately
  • Greatest Achievement: Hard to know where to begin with an entrepreneur like Steve. He's an otter with vision, yet lacks the capabilities to do anything about it

Brad - July 04

Brad posing for a photo
  • Worst Habit: Hitting on Brenda all the time. Vaping
  • Favourite Food: Dairylea Dunkers
  • Favourite Song: Anything by Britney
  • Greatest Achievement: Not much, Brad is lazy and has mostly relied on family wealth to get by. Having said that, he did manage to convince Brenda to get married to him