I Am Otter


A gorgeous little gem of a picture book for kids (and adults) aged betweed 4 and 8. This picture book is the first in a series starring Otter, and her stuffed toys. It is really, REALLY cute. Highly recommended.


This is one of my all time favourite picure books. It’s the first in a series of books from author sam garton, about a lovable little Otter that lives with his owner and stuffed Teddy bear. It’s supposed to be for kids, but to be honest I know a lot of adults that love it too.

Kirkus Starred review

“A bright and hilarious escapade about an otter who, bored while her owner’s at work, opens a toast restaurant.” 

School Library Journal

“This fully realized picture book captures warmth, imagination, and playfulness in the character of Otter” 

This is the official HarperCollions book trailer for ‘I Am Otter’. It’s hilarious!

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