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Looking for an otter meme? You’ve come to the right place…

Otter Memes are the best type of memes so it seemed like a good idea to put all of the funniest in one place. So if you’re looking for any of the classics you should be able to find them here. If I’ve missed any you find particularly hilarious or funny, get in touch and I’ll put them up in our meme library!

Additionally I’ve also built an Otter Meme generator (yes I need a proper hobby). Here you can make your own water sausage themed memes. You can even download them when finished and do whatever it is you people do with memes.

Happy Otter Meme

This montage of the films contains gems such as: 'Happy Otter and the order of the fish' and 'Happy Otter and the shell of secrets'. Not to forget the absolute classic, 'Happy Otter and the otter's stone'.

Otters And Orangutan

These otters have made the perilous journey through the wastelands to listen to the ancient wise one.

Nirvana Ottermind

Nirvana Ottermind - Arguably one of the most classic albums in the grunge underwater scene!

Jurassic Squeak Otter Meme

In this meme we see a cute little otter oblivious to the fact that he's doing a very good impression of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Surprised Otters

In this wonderful little otter meme, several excellent otters practice their surprised faces!

Navy Seals Replaced With Otters

Due to budget cuts the Navy Seals are going to be replaced with the Navy Otters and I feel safer already! Just look at that advance weaponry they're being kitted out with

What If Otters Are Cuter Than Cats?

In this meme a very thoughtful looking Otter is having a think with the caption "What if Otters Are actually cuter Than Cats?". Take special notice of those little paws. They are excellent. 

dissociated Otter Meme

"When you dissociate in the middle of a conversation and then you gotta act like you've been present the whole time". Probably thinking about fish or something. Typical. 

In There? But It’s Cold!

In this meme a cute little otter stands over a tray full of ice with the caption 'In There? But It's Cold'. He looks a little apprehensive. 

I’m Hit Otter Down Meme

Two otters unknowingly recreate a battle scene in this meme with the caption 'I'm Hit Otter down'. No otters were hurt in the creation of this meme. I hope?

Please Let Me Win The Ottery Meme

This praying otter really wants to win the ottery, and who can blame him! This is just another otter meme really, what can I say! Otter is cute though.

Grand Theft Otter

an otter nicks stuff and runs off. The caption is referencing the popular game GTA (Grand Theft auto). 

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