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First things first, this website is for smiles. I’ve always loved otters, and I thought it would be fun to put a whole lot of them in one place. It’s only me making this website, so bear with me! There’s a lot to do and you’ll probably stumble across unfinished bits.

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An Otter Wedding

If you're going to get married why not make it an otterley otter themed wedding! Autumn did just that for her special day and she has very kindly shared her story with us. Read on for lots of clever otter wedding ideas and a very special day indeed (despite that pesky Covid-19!).

Otter Fabric

You'd be surprised how ma otter fabric patterns and designs there are online! If you know what you're doing with a sewing machine then the world really is your oyster and you otter get sewing.

Otter Artist: Jelena Mohnani

Jelena creates wonderful Otter art out of clay. She has an absolutely beautiful Otter ring holder & an otter wedding cake topper too! Read more about her work here.

Otter Artists:

Otter Of The Week:

Steve, Aug '18

  • Opened a massage paw-lour recently. Didn’t go too well.

  • Likes Sushi, Five Guys, and those little biscuits you get free with Coffee

  • Really good at messing things up, but does try very hard.

  • Is a nice chap really, once you get to know him.

Awful Otter Joke Of The week:

Q: How Does An Otter Drive To Work?

A: In His Otter-Mobile

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