Miniature Otter Tin Playset


This is a super cute and cool ‘Otter In A Tin’ Playset. A great gift or present and sure to keep kids quiet for a little while at least. Depends on the kids of course…


The otter measures just 1 1/2″ tall from the top of his head to the tip of his little tail. He’s made from felt, carefully stuffed with polyester fiberfill and detailed with embroidery floss. In his little paws he’s holding an oyster shell. Otters just love their oysters!

All the items in the playset are actually attached to the tin, which is pretty sensible. We need order, not chaos in the pond. I thought this whole idea was pretty cute. The Altoid tin measures 3 3/4″ by 2 1/4″ by 3/4″ deep. The top of the tin has an embroidered edged piece of felt and the inside of the cover and floor of the tin also have a piece of felt. All are glued on.

The seller is very friendly, so feel free to reach out if you have special requests etc.

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