Living on the Monterey Bay, the artist (Joe Livorsi) fell in love with these little guys. he used to take kayak adventures and just hang out with them in the kelp beds of the Bay. He says:

“This sweet little sea otter pendant has such awesome detail. I cast it in recycled sterling silver and it is 3 dimensional (meaning the detail is on both sides.) I cast it using the lost wax process (which is so much fun!) from a rubber mold and hand finish it to bring out all of the rich details. Then I make the necklace to length and orient the otter horizontal or vertical depending on your choice.

Charm measures 18mm tall and 10mm wide. The horizontal orientation makes it look just like he’s floating and when you move your neck it has a wonderful movement just like waves in the ocean! I package it thoughtfully in a necklace pouch for you, and each shipment comes with an awesome handmade otter card made by my talented Mom who I owe 100% of my artistic inclination to.”