Otter research and conservation in India

Wild Otter Conservation

Wild Otters was created with the aim of securing the otter population, and ensuring a future for the species. Since it was founded in 2014, a vast amount of research has been conducted allowing for conservation to take place. The base is located in stunning Goa, India, with new projects taking place in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Conservation efforts have also extended to Sri Lanka and Nepal. Primarily focusing on Smooth Coated Otters, a recent project has begun researching the Asian Small-Clawed otter.

Giant wild otter
Giant Otter Eating Fish
Group of wild otters swimming
Giant wild otter

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Wild Otters works to collect data on habitat and distribution, conducting research in areas that are data deficient. By identifying the threats otters face, conservation efforts can be concentrated. They offer a vast variety of opportunities, allowing anyone to get involved in the vital work that takes place to ensure otter survival. From three day workshops, to six month internships, there is something for everyone.

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For further information please visit Which will tell you all about how you can get involved. There are also some awesome otter videos and pictures.

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