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Hi, It's me, the person that writes all these weird things! I'm also friends with Steve, are you trying to get hold of him? Anyway, If you're enjoying the site, let me know - I need the confidence boost.
Hi, It's me, the person that writes all these weird things! I'm also friends with Steve, if you're trying to get hold of him?

Otterly Madness


The world is a big place, and there are lots of people out there drawing Otters. But, recently I've stumbled upon one of the very best otter artists around. Without further ado, let me introduce the very talented James Williams!

Otterly Madness2021-09-03T16:43:43+01:00

Giant Otters Of Brazil


Giant otters are, well, very bloody big. They are also quite ugly, but don't tell them I said that. This is definitely one of the best giant otter videos I've found

Giant Otters Of Brazil2021-03-12T13:18:31+00:00

An Otter Wedding


If you're going to get married why not make it an otterley otter themed wedding! Autumn did just that for her special day and she has very kindly shared her story with us. Read on for lots of clever otter wedding ideas and a very special day indeed (despite that pesky Covid-19!).

An Otter Wedding2020-08-11T13:43:44+01:00

Otter Fabric


You'd be surprised how ma otter fabric patterns and designs there are online! If you know what you're doing with a sewing machine then the world really is your oyster and you otter get sewing.

Otter Fabric2020-06-16T13:32:00+01:00

Otter Artist: Jelena Mohnani


Jelena creates wonderful Otter art out of clay. She has an absolutely beautiful Otter ring holder & an otter wedding cake topper too! Read more about her work here.

Otter Artist: Jelena Mohnani2020-06-12T09:50:12+01:00

Harry Otter Gift Guide


Harry Otter merchandise seems to be a thing now, so I've compiled a little gift guide for all things P-Otter related. Enjoy!

Harry Otter Gift Guide2020-05-25T15:05:30+01:00

Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre


Hidden away in the countryside of South West England you'll find The Tamar Otter and Wildlife. Rhys (whose parents run the park) was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

Tamar Otter & Wildlife Centre2020-07-01T10:21:41+01:00

Otto The Rescue Otter!


On an otherwise normal Tuesday afternoon, Rosa got she got an unexpected call from her friend. He'd found a baby otter that was looking very out of place in a nearby residential back yard!

Otto The Rescue Otter!2020-04-15T20:16:15+01:00
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