So word on the street is that a massive party went down at Steve’s house last night. All the cool otters were there, and I’m hearing some wild reports. Let’s just hope everyone got home safe…

Otter Asleep In Car

I heard Mike found the next day at work quite taxing. Are you throwing up in your lap, Mike?

Otter Asleep In Car

Brian got otterly wasted. he ended the night naked, in a giant croissant, talking to himself.

Otter Asleep In Car

Never fall asleep early at one of Steve’s parties. If you do, you’re fair game. Nigel found this out the hard way. Could have been worse.

Otter Asleep In Car

“GET ME HOME!” squealed Sharon as she clambered over the confused Uber driver. She passed out seconds later.

Otter Asleep In Car

Sally will be waking up to a hangover and additional lower back pain.

Otter Asleep with Cat

Dave actually slept in the cats basket. Man, Dave is so crazy at parties.

Otter Asleep In Car

Sarah called to be picked up early. She’s on a 5:2 diet and the alcohol has been going straight to her furry little head recently.

Otter Asleep In Car

Gary almost made it home, almost….

Otter Asleep In Car

Belinda is still wasted the morning after, and Stacey is pissed off because they were meant to be going shopping.

But hang on a second…

Has anyone actually seen Steve?

Steve The Otter DJ

Steve, seriously…. Go to bed!

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