So the awesome guys down at Oregon Zoo had a pretty awesome idea: A Facebook show in which kids (actual pygmy goat kids – Ruth and Sonia) go around the zoo meeting new animals each week!

I’ve seen a fair few episodes now, and can safely say it’s every bit as good as it sounds. This is obviously my favourite episode so far, where the kids make a trip to meet Tilly the river otter. We actually featured Tilly and her story recently in another post here.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of other cool episodes too. So far Ruth and Sonia have met Kaya the harbor seal, Sharpie the African crested porcupine, and Chendra the rescued Borneo pygmy elephant. They’re very busy little goats, as you can see…

If you want to read more about the show itself, you can do so on the Oregon zoo website here