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Wild Otter Conservation

I don’t make cakes (I try, but the end results are usually pretty horrific) so I think it’s best left to experts like ‘The Lovely Baker’. In this video our lovely cake making professional shows us how to make the best type of cake possible: An Otter cake!

Technically this is a Valentine’s day cake, but if you just leave the hearts off you’ve got yourself an Otter cake for any occasion. It would be sad to only eat this cake once a year, right? Anyway, as stated, I’m useless at cakes so I’m off to scoff something ready made. Everyone else, get going on this cake!

The Lovely Baker has a list of bits and bobs you might need on her Youtube page, here.

Giant wild otter
Group of wild otters swimming
Giant wild otter
Giant Otter Eating Fish

More Information

The ‘Lovely Baker’ Is super talented and makes the most excellent confectionery I’ve seen (even the non otter based stuff) She regularly posts cake decorating ideas and tutorials on her own Youtube channel. You should definitely check it out (when you’re not busy looking at otters). Here is a list of where to find her:

Youtube: The Lovely Baker Youtube Channel

Instagram: thelovelybaker99

Facebook: The Lovely Baker Facebook Page

Otter Cake maker