Stiff joints? Back being a Rotter? Come see Steve, the Otter De-Knotter.

Steve's Otter massage Paw-lour

OK, we should all be a bit worried about this. Steve, bless him, has opened a massage Pawlour. I know for a fact Steve has absolutely no skills in this area whatsoever, and this is cause for concern. I tried to have a word with him but he muttered something about siatica and ran off. I hope for everyone’s sake that he’ll be shut down soon enough, but in the meantime I’d suggest you don’t accept any services from Steve. I can see him now handing out leaflets he’s made using glitter and pages from an old Argos catalogue.

Steve isn’t called the Otter De-notter for nothing. His basic packages start at a reasonable price considering he’s completley self taught

Watch as Steve delivers a (dangerously) hot stone massage. Is that burning fur I smell, Steve?

It may look painful, and it is. Steve delivers random back blows and looks confident

Ummm, Steve, I just don’t think that’s OK?