Recently I was lucky enough to (virtually) meet the hugely talented Hollie McNish. She’s a writer/poet based in the UK and although I now love everything she does, recently she’s written a particularly excellent poem about Otters. And guess what: It even comes with an awesome video!

Before we get to the poem, here’s a little introduction from Hollie herself:

“My name is Hollie McNish and I’m a writer / poet who also loves otters. A few years ago my boyfriend took me on a trip to the Scottish Sealife Sanctuary, where I learnt that sea otters hold hands whilst they sleep, so that they don’t float away from each other as they dream (if otters dream, I’ll imagine they do!). I thought that this was such a lovely image. I’m like that! I thought – I just love at least toes touching toes beneath the duvet or a handhold or linked arm to fall asleep to. The fact made me love otters even more and I wrote this poem, one of my soppiest I have to say.”

Like Otters

maybe there’s no fear
we’ll float far apart
from each other, in these waters
as moon beckons tide

but, cosy in bed, still
i rest so much better
like otters, together
your hand warm in mine

“The animation was done as part of a project in collaboration with six absolutely brilliant students from Glasgow School of Art. Five poems from my latest collection of poems – Slug, and other things I’ve been told to hate – were made into incredible animations, including this beauty by Mark Faulkner, whose depictions of the Scottish countryside in particular, of wildlife and starry nights is just so gorgeous I thought it fitted so well with the poem.”

“So this is for any otter lovers who are also soppy gits like myself. I hope you enjoy the poem and the animation and send it to someone you like cuddling up to as well!”

Hollie McNish

Hollie McHish Like Otters Poem
Slug Poetry book by Hollie Mcnish

Hollie McNish is a poet and author based between Cambridge and Glasgow. She’s released four books and has written and performed poems for various campaigns and organisations (Basically she’s very, very talented).

Her latest book Slug (Which contains the above poem) is out now and can be bought from various places but to get you started why not buy a copy from the poetry book society or Amazon.

Credits and more info:

Poem from ‘Slug’ by Hollie McNish / @holliepoetry /

Animation by Mark Faulkner / @mhf.png /