Otter With Poison bottle double tattoo

Tell us about you:

Hello, my name is Jaana. I’m 27 years old and I’m from Finland. One of my favourite things are tattoos! I have lots of them and there are gonna be more of them. My other favourite things are Otters, I just love them! They are my spirit animals, or something like that, so of course I had to have an Otter tattoo. But I’ve actually got two! One Otter on each leg. ♥️

Janna and her tattoos
Otter Alchemy Linework

What’s The Story Behind It?

Both tattoos are from different artists! With my own tattoo artist Sanna (Tattoo Tasma) we discussed that every tattoo artist has their own style and customers should choose the artist by their style. But that doesn’t always happen, so we decided to raise the awareness. We contacted our friend Heikki (Hexed Ink) and asked him to join our idea. Two artists, two subjects, two tattoos.
Otter with poison bottle left leg tattoo
Otter with poison bottle right leg tattoo
I had discussed with Sanna that some day I wanted an Otter tattoo, so she chose that theme. Heikki chose the poison bottle theme. They designed tattoos that had both these items and I couldn’t be happier with the result! I gave artists free reign to do what they do best. They didn’t see each other’s pictures before the tattoos were ready.
Actually the tattoos came out surprisingly similar, but still unique. Heikki had used inspiration from Jack the Ripper and chose a black and Gray colour palette. Sanna had a gypsy inspiration and used lots of colors (colors are more painfull, I can say that!)
These are my favorite of all my tattoos! After all, they are two amazing Otters♥️