Otter In Space Shoulder Tattoo

Tell us about you:

I’m Mikey Kager and I’m currently living in The Netherlands close to Nijmegen, sadly though I’m far away from my significant otter (girlfriend) who lives 1700km away in Uppsala Sweden. My plan is to move to Sweden too and live in the countryside with lots of animals, hopefully even otters!

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic this step is taking longer than hoped for, but luckily we’re healthy and safe even though we’re still working hard on a daily basis. I work for the local municipality as a manager of the public domain and my girlfriend works as a teacher in a local high school.

Mikey and his cool otter in space tattoo
Otter In Space sleeve Tattoo

What’s The Story Behind It?

Well… why does an otter wear an astronaut suit? Because he’s going to otter space! It’s a joke that’s been stuck with me for years and it fits the the vibe of my other tattoos.

Otter In Space tattoo outlines

Who Was The Tattoo Artist?

Artist: Ruben aka Vliegwerkpremium (Nijmegen The Netherlands)

He also did the Jackdaw which is a memorial to my own pet bird that unfortunately passed away. It was a wild injured bird that I’ve raised myself but he sadly developed a permanent illness.


Did It Hurt, Were You Brave?

I think I was very brave, cried a bit but luckily Vliegwerk is a very friendly artist so he would stop often and give me a hug and some snacks.

Anything Else You’d Like To Say?

Shout out to all the tattoo artist out there! Because of the pandemic a lot of artists are restricted from working and therefore could potentially suffer from financial problems. Please stay inside so this will end soon and we can go back to getting tattoos and watching otters in the zoo!