Otter with pearl tattoo

Tell us about you:

I’m Alex, 36y and from Germany. Goth, certified nerd, vegan and collector of historic weapons. I work at a publishing company and in my free time I sometimes help out a good friend with paperwork and marketing for his tattoo studio. But I guess people don’t want to read that much about me, its all about the otters!

Otter with pearl tattoo art work

What’s The Story Behind It?

I love otters, I always wanted a funny and slightly ‘dirty’ tattoo and I wanted a partner tattoo that I won`t regret if things don’t work out as I hope. So when my girlfriend – who also loves otters and works for a japanese company – told me that an otter diving for pearls has a hidden erotic meaning in Japanese art, it simply clicked. I scribbled a quick sketch on a piece of paper and let Pablo do the rest. Originally I wanted the otter to wear a 19th century suit but he convinced me to keep it simple.

Who Was The Tattoo Artist?

The tattoo is from one of my best friends, Pablo Felipe who moved here from Croatia five years ago.

He now owns his own small studio in the heart of Munich: Imaginarium Custom Tattoos

Best friends with tattoo artist

Did It Hurt, Were You Brave?

It hurt more than I care to admit. But it very much depends on the placement, style and artist. Pablo is known for highly saturated colours that stay, that requires a certain amount of extra pain. But if you want a tattoo, don`t let it stop you. On the outer arm for example it felt just like a slight sunburn to me :-)