Meet Svenn the otter who lives with his family in Norway. This is his story. You otter give it a read:

Happy Birthday Otter

That looks like a tasty cake, Svenn!

“Svenn came in to our family, a late August night. We heard something screaming outside and after a couple of hours we decided to go out to try to figure out where the noises were coming from. We found Svenn in our garden, and we were sure he wouldn’t have survived the night in his condition. We brought him inside, gave him food and tried to call “wildlife experts” to ask for advice. But nobody knew!”

Svenn the otter

Svenn cuddles = The best cuddles!

“The day after we found out that two other otter babies had been found in the same neighborhood, so something definitely had happened to his mother.
We decided the best thing for Svenn was to let him stay over the winter with us (as they do with their mother), and we will do everything we can to help him, so he can survive and be free again.”

Umm, are you allowed to do that, Svenn?

“Svenn is NOT a pet, and he never will be. He is a wild animal who lives a bit differently than other otters in his first year. He walks free. We take him to the river/sea every day. He is afraid of other people outside our family, (as he should be) and yes, he goes outside to pee. He socialize with the dogs, but protects his food, and has a lot of wild instincts we’re trying to keep.”

Otter makes a mess

OK, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to do that…

“We are going to release him when the spring/summer arrives. We will miss him, but we’re sure we’ll see him around. Our house is close to the river, and he will have the opportunity to come and go as he pleases. If this will doesn’t succeed, we’ll have to find some other solution for him. But one step at the time, and we’re trying our best ❤”


“Did somebody say dinner time?”

Or Bath time?

It was lovely to meet you, Svenn! You’re in good hands and we all wish you the best of luck! Also, maybe stop breaking things…

All credit for pictures goes to:

Svenn and his family!

You can find out more about Svenn on his Instagram here: Svenn On Instagram

Or if you prefer, he also has a TikTok @svenntheotter