You’d be surprised how many otter fabric patterns and designs there are online! If you know what you’re doing with a sewing machine then the world really is your oyster and you otter get sewing. Damn I’m hilarious. Now I’ve lured you in with my witty puns, er, if anyone wants to make me some otter trousers, an otter bag, or… otter pants? Feel free. The otter fabrics and patterns you’ll find here are all available from different sellers and they are all pretty wonderful!

Otter Fabric – Significant Otters By Lellobird

This awesome otter fabric depicts cute little cartoon otters floating around on their backs and looking damn good doing it. The fabric is sold by ‘Spoonflower’ on Etsy who have over 384,000 sales…. Which is a lot of sales. Presumably it’s not all otter fabric…. maybe it is?

Otter Fabric floating in reeds

Swimming otters from Lewis and Irene.

This is a fabric by Lewis and Irene from their “Small Things Creatures” collection. This beautiful design has cute playful river otters swimming alongside swirls, against a pale blue backdrop. The primary fibre used is cotton.

Otters on Pale Blue

Otter Fabric From Michael Miller Fabrics

A super lovely, bright green, 100% cotton quilt shop quality fabric. Phew, that was quite the opening sentence. Anyway. I love the otters on this one. Popping up from the (green) ocean waves to say hi.

Green Otter Fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics

Sea Otter Blue Patterned Fabric

If you look closely at this fabric the otters are actually holding hands. They have a lovely pattern on them too. Definitely one of my favourites. Check out the page for all the different version (there are lots of different fabrics to get it on, I’ve not even heard of most of them before)

Sea otter blue patterned fabric

Otter Space Fabric

Otters in otter space fabric pattern. This one is pretty bold. I also find it kinda eighties and so it gets extra points for that too. Technically it’s called “Otter and Chill” and is from the designer Tula Pink. It’s from their Spirit Animal collection. I’m still just going to call it otter space fabric, because it’s a much better name.

Otter Space Fabric Pattern

Green Otter Fabric – By Adena Jooste

This one has a wonderful watercolour appearance to it. It’s designed by Adena Jooste and is from the collection : Haerae Design Studio Sealife

Green Otters designed by Adena Jooste

Otter 3D Glasses By Little Arrow Design

“You know what the world is missing? An Otter monochrome fabric where the otters are wearing 3D glasses.” I imagine that is roughly how the conversation went down at the fabric designers HQ anyway…

3d Glasses Otter Fabric

Otters By The River – Irenesilvino

Lovely vibrant colours on this one. It looks like a page from a children’s picture book.

Playful Otters By The River Cotton Fabric

Swimming Otters Flannel Fabric

Apparently this material is ‘perfect for blankets, pillow cases, shirts, etc.’ So maybe we could look at doing the whole house in it? It’s very pretty!

Swimming Otters Flannel Fabric

Otter Sushi Pattern Fabric

Cute Little bits of Otter Sushi in a Kawaii Japanese style. What more can you ask of fabric? The design is very ‘Huebucket’.

otter sushi pattern fabric

Pink Otter Fabric By ‘Lilcubby’

This pink otter fabric pattern is very stylish indeed. Kinda reminds me of American diners? Is that.. is that really weird? Or am I onto something there? Anyway, I digress. Buy this now and make something.

Pink Otter stylish Fabric

Otterly Sweet Floatilla – Honoluludesign

This one is really sweet. Get it…? *Sigh*. I’m just going to leave it at that.


Otter Candy Fabric