A military style battle otter meme, featuring Sgt. Otto and lieutenant W.Sausage, or something like that anyway. I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy the picture whilst chucking to myself in the corner. Please just ignore me.

I'm Hit Otter Down Meme

Meme Description:

Two otters unknowingly recreate a battle scene with the caption ‘I’m Hit Otter down’. There is no pun as such, but the little sausages do look like they are taking part in some type or war drama. No otters were hurt in the creation of this meme. I hope?

Meme Variation:

This variation also cropped up shortly afterwards, possibly from Instagram. I do actually prefer this version of the meme but it wasn’t the first, so it doesn’t get top slot. The meme world is harsh unfortunately.

When you accidentally hurt your sibling and apologize before your mum finds out meme