Welcome to my official Otter News Christmas gift guide! A collection of my favorite Otter stuff on the internet. I’ll hopefully be adding more soon, and I’m also making a stocking filler version so watch this space! Note these are affiliate links.

#10 Otter Patronus Pocket Watch/Necklace

Definitely one of the most unique otter gifts I’ve seen so far. And an easy win if they like Harry Potter! They’re a very reasonably priced $18.37

#9 Otter Ring Holder

Otter ring holder

This otter ring holder is made by the extremely talented Jelena Mohnani from ‘Paint My Dreams’. Jelena works primarily in clay and everything she makes is lovingly crafted in her home studio. I don’t wear rings, they make me feel claustrophobic, but I might start now… This is priced at $35.32

#8 Harry Otter T-shirt

It’s an obvious pun, but it’s a good one. And this is one of the better quality Otter T-shirts out there… It’s $16.50

#7 Otter Key Ring

These lovely Interlocking Otter Keychains are crafted by the talented Jennifer Lebon of ‘Pookatdinocrafts’ – The perfect gift for your significant otter!

They’re carved/cut from the same piece of wood, meaning they interlock with their natural wood grain for a unique match. It’s $14.50 and for that price you get the pair!

#6 Sterling Silver Sea Otter Charm Necklace

Living on the Monterey Bay, the artist (Joe Livorsi) fell in love with these little guys. he used to take kayak adventures and just hang out with them in the kelp beds of the Bay. This sweet little sea otter pendant has awesome detail and is cast in recycled sterling silver. $45.00

#5 Otter PJ’s!!!!

100% Cotton with an adjustable waistband and a cute front pocket. And obviously the most important thing is there are otters!!!! $23.99

#4 Sea Otter Soap

Sea Otter Soap

Sea Otters always seem to be cleaning themselves, so personally I think turning them into soap is a pretty appropriate idea. These little beauties are normally $3.00 and are available in lots of different scents and colours. A great stocking filler for your stinky kids/Otter half… As an added bonus they are currently on sale for $2.70

#3 Otter Onesie

What can you possibly say about this one? I’d like to see the reaction when they open this. The UK version of this is Blue!

#2 Otter Space T-shirt

A space Otter in Otter space! This design is designed by the talented ‘Louros’, and he’s one of my favourite artists. Here he’s applied himself wonderfully to the world of otter puns. And for that I commend him. Bravo. $18.82

#1 Personalized Otter Key Ring

If you’ve found your significant otter then you might like to get them one of these to keep their keys company. They are hand made by Risky Bead Designs and can be customized in all sorts of additional ways. The price you pay for their eternal gratitude is $14.95

#Bonus product – Personalized Otters!

If personalized Otter Plushes are your thing then check out ‘MakaylasTreasures’. They can do all types of personalized cute otters, for kids or otter halfs! They are very friendly and helpful too. $84.99