So Harry Otter merchandise seems to be a thing. Seeing as I have nothing better to do I’ve compiled a little gift guide for all things P-otter related. There are actually quite a few cool things out there, so enjoy!

Hairy Otter Keychain

Attach your keys to this awesome little Hairy Otter keychain. It’s not going to help you not lose your keys, but it will help you look cool.

it’s made out of metal (the chain) and acrylic for the art bit. The image itself is from an original watercolor pic that has been digitized. Excellent. 14/10 best keychain ever!

Harry Otter Keychain

A very cute little needle felted Harry Otter

This one is super cute. it comes complete with a magic wand and a little owl best friend. It’s made out of natural wool, beads, wooden stick, wire and yarn!

It’s not really a toy, and needs to be looked after. I’d be happy to just sit on the sofa and stare at it all day…

Harry Otter Needle Felt Toy

Harry Otter Laundry Bag

I don’t have a laundry bag, but now there is no excuse not to get one. So buy it and use it to keep your toothbrush and stuff in. It’s made out of ‘practical’ polyester and has two inner pockets (don’t you just hate laundry bags without pockets!)

It even has a Velcro fastener. Velcro is pretty amazing. I still remember when my Dad told me how it worked when I was tiny. I looked closely and he was right, little hooks! Blew my tiny brain. This is not a review for velcro, sorry…

Harry Otter Laundry Bag

Harry Otter Crochet Pattern

This is a PDF pattern to create the wonderful water sausage you see in front of your eyes. If you can’t crochet then you’re going to have to find a friend that can. Or I guess you could learn?

The difficulty level is apparently ‘Beginner’ but don’t come to me tangled in yarn if you get it wrong. The seller is actually really lovely so I’m sure you can ask them for help if you get stuck.

Harry The Otter Crochet Pattern

Otter Patronus Necklace

An otter patronus in necklace form. They are also available as photo frames, pocket watches and keyrings. Maybe just choose one though, you don’t want to go overkill.

The necklace version here is available in silver, bronze or gun metal with a choice of lengths for the chain. The seller is actually very lovely so if you have any personal requests just reach out to them.

Otter Patronus necklace

Harry P.Otter Print

A cool little Harry Otter square print! It’s made by the very talented Janet Lee who is a book illustrator and the co-creator of the Eisner Award-winning graphic novel ‘Return of the Dapper Men’. Apparently she needed a break from her usual work, so decided to draw this. Good decision. Do that more, Janet.

Water Sausage Otter Print

Otter Magic Wand

This otter magic want is made out of beech wood (one of the best woods for magic wands I’m told).

It’s also hand carved and each one is totally individual, so if you are looking for that special one of a kind gift, this fits the bill. I don’t know if it actually works magicwise, let me know if it does.

Otter magic wand

Harry Otter Crochet Plush

What an awesome wizardy otter looking water sausage. It’s super cute and made out of 100% cotton on the outside and 100% acrylic stuffing on the inside.

The wand itself is made out of wood but you can’t take it off, which is probably for the best, you know you’d only lose it and feel sad about it.

Harry Otter Crochet Plush

And that’s all for now. I’ll try and add new products when I find them, but this should be enough for you all to be getting on with. If you’re looking for more Harry otter related stuff, then all I can offer you is this Harry Otter Meme. Or this one: Harry Otter Expelliarmus Meme.