Otter version of the famous Drake meme, and guess what? I actually made this meme! I sat in my room one evening in 2019 and opened Photoshop. At the time I was feeling down about the current state of the world, and this was the result. I uploaded it to a few places and set it free. People seemed to like it and I’m happy to see it out in the wild. I’m not saying we should hide away from trying to sort out the world’s problems, but some days… you just need to look at otters.

Otter Drake Meme

Meme Description:

This version of the popular Drake meme shows an Otter looking displeased with the caption: “Reading about sad stuff going on in the world”. Below the otter looks elated with the caption: “Looking at pictures of otters”. Easily the best meme ever (because I made it).