Allison and her Monterey bay tattoo

Tell us about you:

My name is Allison, I’m 20 years old! I was born & raised in Southern California, I’ve been lucky enough to live in Redondo Beach for the last decade. I’ve travelled a bit in my life, i lived in Australia for 3 months then went to Uganda and Thailand for missionary work when i was 18!

Allison in the tattoo studio
Sea otters holding hands tattoo

What’s The Story Behind It?

I wanted something unique that meant a lot to me. My mom has always loved sea otters- she took me to the Monterey Bay aquarium when I was young, her favorite jacket had an embroidered sea otter on it, calling me her baby otter, things of that nature. She was my main inspiration behind it, to have a little piece of her on my body forever. We love holding hands so my otters obviously had to be holding hands too! I got my tattoo on my 18th birthday and immediately after got into my car and drove up to Monterey Bay to stay for a few days and visit the otters in real life.

Allison and mum in monterey bay aquarium

Allison and her mum

Allison and mum in monterey bay aquarium again

Allison and her mum (with additional otters!)

Who Was The Tattoo Artist?

I got my tattoo done by Nick Hayes. He’s based out of Hermosa Beach/Gardena. He’s an extremely talented artist and a wonderful friend of ours.

Did It Hurt, Were You Brave?

My whole tattoo only took an hour, which I was so impressed with considering how detailed it is! Nick was fantastic. It hurt only a bit, it was my first tattoo but I took it all in one sitting. The shading hurt the most! I think I let one tear out during the whole process haha!

Anything Else You’d Like To Say?

Thank you for featuring me and my sweet little otters! They’re my favorite guys and I’m so glad you guys are doing something in honour of them!!