Fleur's Tattoo

Tell us about you:

My name is Fleur and I’m a VFX artist in training with Industrial Light and Magic Studios London, and a freelance illustrator and actress on the side!

Fleur and her otter tattoo doing a hand stand
Fleur hugging an otter
Fleur and her otter with fish tattoo

What’s The Story Behind It?

I got this tattoo because I have loved otters since I was little and I think they represent freedom and playfulness. I used to watch them playing in the river behind the house we stayed in in Ireland growing up. I was bitten by an otter once so I like to think I have a bit of otter in me!

Who Was The Tattoo Artist?

I got this tattoo from Joe Frost, a Sheffield based tattoo artist. His Instagram is @hellomynameisjoe and he does amazing neo traditional tattoos, mostly animals and super cool sleeves. It’s probably my favourite tattoo!

Did It Hurt, Were You Brave?

It was a 6 hour session, pretty painful getting the colour layered in at the end but definitely not the most painful tattoo I’ve had! It helps if you come to your appointment with snacks and your phone or a book to distract you