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Hi, It's me, the person that writes all these weird things! I'm also friends with Steve, are you trying to get hold of him? Anyway, If you're enjoying the site, let me know - I need the confidence boost.
Hi, It's me, the person that writes all these weird things! I'm also friends with Steve, if you're trying to get hold of him?

Dorine’s Otter Tattoo


Hi, my name is Dorine. I live in France and love roller derby. I had my otter tattoo done about a year ago now.

Dorine’s Otter Tattoo2020-04-06T20:27:12+01:00

Holly’s Otter Tattoo


My name is Holly! I have always had an interest in tattoos, and working now as a chef it's a job that is pretty happy for me to have as many tattoos as I like.

Holly’s Otter Tattoo2020-04-06T14:16:31+01:00

Alex’s Otter Ink


I'm Alex, 36y and from Germany. Goth, certified nerd, vegan and collector of historic weapons. This is my otter Tattoo!

Alex’s Otter Ink2020-04-07T14:19:06+01:00

Cassie’s Otter Tattoo


My name is Cassie, and I am an x-ray technologist from Canad. I've been working in healthcare for over 10 years now, and this is my otter tattoo!

Cassie’s Otter Tattoo2020-04-14T11:27:52+01:00

Jaana’s Double Otter Tattoos


Jaana is 27 years old and lives in Finland. She loves tattoos and otters so it's not much of a surprise that she got these wonderful otter tattoos!

Jaana’s Double Otter Tattoos2020-04-07T14:18:52+01:00

Dancing Otter


Dancing Otter! I have no idea where the original video came from, but after taking one look at it I knew it desperately needed sound. So I fixed it using a track I wrote ages ago.

Dancing Otter2020-03-04T11:59:08+00:00

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