Whoever made this Happy Otter meme is an absolute legend and I’d like to buy them a drink. Also, this seems like an excuse to mention that I have always thought Daniel Radcliffe is a terrible actor! Nobody talks about it and it drives me mad! Felt good to get that off my chest. Anyway, back to the funny otter meme. This montage of the films contains gems such as: ‘Happy Otter and the order of the fish’ and ‘Happy Otter and the shell of secrets’. Not to forget the absolute classic, ‘The otter’s stone’.

Happy Otter Film Meme

Meme Description:

Various images from the famous ‘Happy Otter’ films. Which one I like the best, I really couldn’t say. They are all funny. The Photoshop skills are pretty good here too, it must have taken some time.

I’m in the process of collecting additional Harry Otter Memes in one place (despite my dislike of Daniel RATcliffe!)…. you do know what I mean though, right? In all the films he just has that standard ‘shocked’ expression that he does in EVERY SCENE. It’s like he was chosen all those years ago because he was a small kid that looked the part, and as he grew up they were just, well, stuck with him! Look, you’ve made me start ranting again. Sorry not sorry, Daniel.

Harry Otter Gift Guide

Also, I created a Harry Otter Gift Guide. Seeing as you’re looking at this meme then I’m guessing you’re that way inclined (I’m clever like that). So yeah, feel free to check it out.

Harry Otter Gift Guide