Nice little Photoshop of Harry Otter dressed as Mr. Potter himself. I can’t tell who the artist is because the signature is a bit too squiggly. If you know them, tell me who they are! I want to buy them a drink :)

Harry Otter Expelliarmus meme

Meme Description:

In this meme an Otter is dressed in a scarf and Harry Potter glasses, complete with scar. The text reads ‘expelliarmus’ which is the Disarming Charm from Harry Potter. This charm basically expels objects things from an opponents hands. Useful. Especially for otters?

Harry Otter Gift & Present Guide

Apparently I have so much time on my hands that I’ve created a super awesome Harry Otter Gift Guide. The least you could do is take a look. Otherwise I just wasted my time. Don’t make me look stupid. Please?

harry otter gift guide