A Love Like No Otter


Georgia Aquarium go behind the scenes with their beloved animals in this awesome Facebook show! You can follow these remarkable teams as they care for these animals every day at [...]

A Love Like No Otter2018-09-13T15:58:04+01:00

Tiny Goats Visit River Otters


So the awesome guys down at Oregon Zoo had a pretty awesome idea: A Facebook show in which kids (actual pygmy goat kids - Ruth and Sonia) go around the zoo meeting new animals each week. This week is river otters!

Tiny Goats Visit River Otters2018-09-07T14:39:21+01:00

Steve Begs For A Business Loan


Steve turned up on my doorstep today begging for another business loan. In light of the fact that this would be the fifth loan of the year, I [...]

Steve Begs For A Business Loan2019-02-23T14:45:41+00:00

Brad & Steve back in their college days.


Believe it or not Steve and Brad actually used to get on quite well. They were pretty notorious around campus, especially Steve. Unfortunately I don't think much learning [...]

Brad & Steve back in their college days.2019-01-17T21:17:04+00:00

Otter.exe Has Stopped Working


This is what happens when your Otter decides you spend too much time on the computer and makes a protest. The little guy seems pretty resolute, looks like it's [...]

Otter.exe Has Stopped Working2018-08-24T12:50:26+01:00

Otters That Partied Too hard


word on the street is that a massive party went down at Steve’s house last night. All the cool otters were there, and I’m hearing some wild reports. Let’s just hope everyone got home safe

Otters That Partied Too hard2018-09-04T14:45:41+01:00

Steve And Mr Crab have a fall out


I really have no idea what this is all about, they're usually best of friends. I'll try and get it out of Steve later on, but for now he's gone to his bedroom and is playing his 'break-up' playlist on full volume. I Think it's best I leave him to it

Steve And Mr Crab have a fall out2018-08-09T22:06:24+01:00

Brad makes a move on Sharon & Steve gets jealous.


I don't believe Steve actually cared about Sharon before Brad appeared on the scene. I suspect this is more of a 'Steve just really hates Brad' kinda thing. To be fair to Steve, Brad is a bit of a tw*t. I know for a fact he's 'borrowed' Steve's stuff from the canteen fridge in the past.

Brad makes a move on Sharon & Steve gets jealous.2018-08-09T22:06:48+01:00

Steve Picks Up A Large Rock


Hang on. Steve is not working at all! Steve is sleeping. I should have known. Only Steve can make a crafty nap on a warm rock look like hard [...]

Steve Picks Up A Large Rock2018-07-30T15:29:06+01:00
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